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Creative Spark Print Studio is a non-profit twenty-four hour access printmaking workshop and visual artists resource organisation,



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Creative Spark Print Studio is a non-profit twenty-four hour access printmaking workshop and visual artists’ resource organisation, committed to providing facilities and opportunities to emerging and established visual artists. The studio aims to provide membership to creative practitioners from Louth and the border areas.

The membership daily rate for our print studio is only €30, allowing anyone easy access to printing facilities when needed. Full-time membership grants you 24 hour access to workshop facilities, eligibility to submit work to future Creative Spark exhibitions, an opportunity to be part of a community of printmakers, and more. Further information can be found on this application form. You can also see some artworks of our existing members on the members page.

The newly equipped print studio has facilities (listed below) for etching, screen-print, relief printmaking, textile and digital printing. We run classes regularly and are interested in hearing from individuals and groups interested in learning.

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  • Photo Polymer and Polymetaal etching press JSV-60, Bed 60 x 120cm
  • Polymetaal etching press JPV-90, Bed 90 x 180cm
  • Natgraph U.V. exposure unit
  • Electric Hotplate 35X50cm
  • Drying boards


  • Water-based screen inks are used with fine-mesh screens.
  • 4 table mounted screen presses
  • Natgraph screen drying cabinet
  • Natgraph U.V. exposure unit
  • Natgraph High pressure screen wash out unit.
  • 2 Paper racks
  • Crown Vacuum Print Table

Relief Printing

  • Polymetaal relief press, bed size 35 X 45cm
  • Selection of rollers
  • Paper rack
  • Natgraph U.V. Exposure unit for plates


  • Xpress heat press 38 x 50 cm
  • Light box 45 x 61cm
  • Screen-printing on textiles (see above)


  • Epson stylus SP7900, 24” A1 Size
  • A4 laser printer
  • Photoshop Elements / MS Windows


A page detailing some of our members’ bios with a selection of their work can be found here.

Download print studio membership application form 2022/2023 here.

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