About Us

Our Mission

Creative Spark provides an infrastructure to support the development of creative and innovative enterprises, both new and established.

Our Vision

Creative Spark, a centre for creativity and innovation, offers workspace and training facilities to start-ups and established enterprises in the creative industries, innovation and community sectors in County Louth and the region. It aims to advance education and benefit the community through offering opportunities to improve core skills, aid learning processes, raise confidence and self-esteem.
Creative Spark offers a collaborative environment where learners, start-ups, SMEs and the local community can meet and exchange ideas, knowledge and best practice. Creative Spark provides practical opportunities for the unemployed or under-employed through the provision of training and opportunities within the creative industries, technology and sustainable energy sectors.

Our Aims

  • Support creativity, innovation, enterprise and job creation in Louth and the north east
  • Position Creative Spark as a regionally recognised centre for the provision of creative facilities and the delivery of creative and innovative enterprise opportunities
  • Cultivate local community creativity, innovation and enterprise capacity
  • Build a Sustainable Organisation