Chiara Leto and Giulia Vetri – July to August 2017

Chiara Leto and Giulia Vetri are Creative Spark’s Artist-in-Residence from July to August. Chiara and Giulia met in 2012 whilst studying for an MA in Illustration and Editorial design at ISIA in Urbino, Italy. They immediately felt a connection and discovered that they shared similar interests and ambitions.

Chiara was born and raised in Rome, daughter of an English artist and an Italian Civil Engineer. Following high school she completed a BA in Fashion and Textile Design and worked in the industry for two years, after a further two years living and working in Australia she returned to Europe and in 2012 began an MA in Visual Communication and Illustration. She has been living in London for the last 2 years, working in illustration, design and printmaking. A big majority of her latest work is screen printed, a technique that lends itself very well for her kind of work, allowing to overlay strong and bold colours whilst creating unexpected colour combinations. Her inspiration comes always from her surroundings, nature being always the biggest influence. She dreams of a world reclaimed by trees and climbing plants.

Giulia was born and raised in a very small town hidden from the dense Venetian fog. She believes that her passion for discoveries and her desire to travel came as a result of growing up in such a remote reality.
Her curiosity and passions took her initially to Venice where she completed a BA in Industrial and Graphic Design. Following her BA she decided to relocate to Urbino where she got a Master’s degree in Illustration. Within this period spent in Urbino she decided to take advantage of the European exchange program and spent six months in Brussels where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of screen printing.

For this project they would like to work with both screen printing and ceramics, reproducing everyday objects with a relation to the themes of travelling discoveries and orientation and accompany this with foldable screen printed leporello containing information about the objects themselves. Their aim would be to create an interactive, comprehensive and beautiful range of objects to be used in the final exhibition.

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