Date: Wednesday 18 September
Time: 10.00 – 4.00
Tutor: Norman Rides
Cost: €20

Are you interested in learning more about the co-operative movement and how to establish a co-operative?
The aim of this training course is to raise awareness of the ways in which people coming together in co-operative organisations can improve the quality of life in organisations. Attendees will gain skills and knowledge to become informed members of a co-operative, and/or Board and working group members.
This course will be delivered by Norman Rides. Norman is a qualified trainer and a consultant to many co-operative enterprises. He has been at Director or CEO level of many co-operative organisations and has founded one credit union, one worker cooperative and two co-operative consortia, as well as being an active member of housing, and consumer co-operatives. He edited “Step-by-Step Guide to Social Enterprise” and has contributed to other reports and feasibility studies on co-operation and social enterprise.

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