Henry joined the print studio in 2016, originally after graduating from Dundalk Institute of Technology with an Honours Degree in Communications in Creative Multimedia. His background is in graphic design. Having launched his brand FlingFire he now accesses the print studios screen-print facilities to print his product range of textiles.

FlingFire is a clothing line. We started to help us as an African nation embrace the history and diverse cultures we have. We have been through different phases of life from slave trade then to the scramble and partition of the mighty continent. This kept pushing Africans backwards. Finally freedom started to come to the continent but it was not free. Our ancestors had to put up resistances such as “Mau Mau” Rebellion,”Maji Maji” Rebellion and many more. Blood was shed, but at last we saw the wave sweep over the Continent and we where “free at last”. This story is what we intend to depict on cotton canvas. FlingFire was born and we do hope we can depict our history the best way we can.

Flingfire can be found here.