The Road To The Battle

This play began in 2013 as a piece of devised theatre based on the Battle of the Boyne at Creative Spark, Louth Creative Community Hub, in Dundalk. In 2014 the project was granted funding through PEACE III to tour in Drogheda, Belfast, Banbridge and Newtownards. What you will see at this performance is evidence of an intensive short process which brought together a diverse group of people of varying ages and backgrounds from the communities of Dundalk. The Cultural diversity of the group involved offers a unique perspective to an important passage in the history of Ireland. All involved, including the facilitating artists, the organisers and the participants themselves, have greatly enjoyed the experience. This project has illustrated how the creative art can foster friendships across cultures; open up a dialogue about disputed histories and ensure that the vital process of lifelong learning is one of excitement and fun.


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