Heptagon And Siebenstern 2 By Bernhard Gaul.
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Heptagon And Siebenstern 2 By Bernhard Gaul.

This is one of a selection of three works over linocuts, constructing a Heptagon, and a subtle, schematic depiction of a seven petalled "Siebenstern" (Arctic Starflower). 
Heptagon construction diagrams are also drawn with permanent marker, on the inside of the glass panel of the frame, the shadows of which are projected onto the prints, adding an additional layer of depth. The focus is on constructing regular seven sided shapes, which I have never drawn much attention to previously, and depicting a subtle seven petalled spring flower as a signal of hope and a new beginning.

43cm x 43cm (Framed)

Print Size 33cm x 33cm.