Bernhard Gaul

Bernhard Gaul

Bernhard Gaul is an Austrian born painter with a background in the theatre, based near Dundalk, Co. Louth, since 2005.

He studied theatre and literature at the university of Vienna with primary interests in learning through participation and theatre as utopian space for social experimentation. Various publishing projects. Exposures: Perceptive drawings without looking onto the paper.

From 1991: Focus on painting. Studies and Responses: development of largely gestural paintings in response to historical foils, starting with a study of the centre piece of Uccello’s Battle of San Romano, copying segments from a reproduction onto 99 wooden blocks, later assembled to a fragmented painting.

First exhibitions from 2011, soon developing concepts of trying to combine the direct interaction of the theatre with the slow paced and often isolated reflection of painting. Attempts of sharing the process of painting and the reflective space it provides alongside artefacts – Experiments in Engagement: Response Panels (Vagabond), Poussin Transformations, Perpetual Drawings: installations combining interactive response surfaces for an audience with the traditional display of pre-made paintings. Public installations in Ireland and abroad.

2016: Initiation and coordination of Art as Exchange (AAEX), Dundalk, a local platform for collaboration, participation and developing art in the region, by now over 30 members. Various participatory and other collaborative projects.

Printmaking as more industrial and collaborative form of visual art production.