Traveller Stories


The Traveller Stories Through Craft project was devised to highlight the unique identity of Traveller heritage and culture and to promote understanding and respect.

The aim of the ‘Traveller Stories Through Craft’ project was to bring Traveller women together to engage in the creative process as a means for self-expression and as a vehicle for expressing their identity to the wider community, thus promoting community integration and mutual understanding.

One group of women worked with local textile artist Patricia Murphy to learn and share skills in knitting, crochet and textile design and at the end of the project they unveiled a large wall-hanging which captured their stories in a piece entitled ‘A Colourful Life’.

A second group worked with Caoimhe O’Dwyer, a fashion designer based in Castlebellingham, to design and create a garment from start to finish. These beautiful dresses were displayed on mannequins and showcased the real talent and skills acquired by the group over the course of the 20 week project.

Creative writing and drama facilitator, Sharon McArdle, assisted with the storytelling aspect of the project and filmmaker Andrew Grafton captured all of the activity on film.

Traveller Stories Through Craft was supported by the European Union’s Peace III Programme and part financed by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan as awarded by Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.


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