This comprehensive Core Skills training is designed to help you acquire a brand-new skill, even if you have no prior experience.

The Introduction to Fusion360 is a hands-on Autodesk Fusion360 course which aims to introduce participants to the world of 3D solid modelling. Upon completion of the course users will be able to:

  • Navigate the Fusion360 Interface.
  • Produce basic 3D CAD models using various tools.
  • Assemble 3D Cad Models.
  • Produce 2D Drawings from 3D Models.

Participants will also be introduced to the range of extended tools within Fusion 360 such as CAM, Simulation and Generative design. This course will require participants to complete various CAD related tasks within the Fusion 360 software.

No Prior experience in CAD or Fusion360 is required. A laptop/PC capable of running Fusion360 and mouse is required.

About the tutor

Embark on an extraordinary journey of professional growth with Inspire 3D's renowned expert, Paul Quinn. With an exceptional career spanning six years, Paul has immersed himself in the dynamic realm of additive manufacturing, excelling in diverse roles such as R&D, Applications, and Training. His extensive expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of all cutting-edge technologies, coupled with hands-on experience in operating and maintaining a successful 3D printing business. As an Ultimaker Certified Trainer and Technician, as well as an esteemed Autodesk Fusion 360 instructor, Paul possesses the unrivaled ability to guide you towards mastery in this ever-evolving field. Don't miss the chance to learn from the best in the industry and catapult your professional journey to unprecedented heights. Enroll in our exclusive training course today and unlock limitless possibilities with Inspire 3D and Paul Quinn.

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