Eileen Fergusson

The theme of social ,political, cultural landscape is a basis for my creative practice.  My narrative works incorporate landscape but are primarily concerned with a sense of place, memory and history.

Covid allowed me to focus on this idea of isolation,occupation,

land, borders, walls.  I collected  imagery during my 7 day visit to the Occuppied territories in 2019.  Since Jauary 2021 I have been reflecting on past work I touched on in the past about the border region. Britian leaving the EU has made the N Ireland situation more volitle. I can see parrallels between Palestine and N Ireland. I have re engaged with some of my past work and I am exploring new avenues , disputed land territories, land roads, walls importing of goods products. I am continuing this journey and researching the politics of economy and how it impacts people displacement and movement of people.

I have a large archive of objects and collage materials that I have collected over many years. The materials collected are used to build up layers on the canvas or board into art works which are multilayered creating a textural surface including drawing and collage.  


The landscape and urbanscape within the walled occupied territory has created a landscape of isolation for many many years.

Covid 19  and the lock down impacted the movement of people over the world. The Palestinians have been in the state of occupation for many decades and they live in a constant lockdown unable to move freely in their daily lives.

The works are based on images from this visit and are mostly oil collage on canvas or board and vary in size from 140x100cm to 35 x25cm.  The works will be multi layered in approach. I have open access to the graphic studio in Dublin where I have attended master classes and I am building on my print knowledge I have a residency coming up at Creative Spark Print Studio.   I am working on creating 4 lightboxes working with Genesis Imaging Film has enabled me to see my work in a different way. Through film I wish to expand my images, and open a conversation with my audience, narrate and vocalise my work.