Geraldine Martin

Updated: 28 Sep 2022

Geraldine Martin is a visual artist from just outside Dundalk. She took up her first residency - at Creative Spark - as Printmaker, in 2022, exploring the interplay between word and image, using different processes. She has a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from NCAD.

For graphic design (her day job) she trades as Realign Design - realigned is an anagram of her name.

By the time she was four, she had a lump on the end of the middle finger on her right hand where the pencil pressed in.

‘My work is about line, a lifeline (from a Border upbringing?) if you will. It is representational (I am a bit of a traditionalist). Form is made with lines rather than shading. I rarely erase; “mistakes” are memories of where the subject shifts or tethers to the air. I prefer to draw from life, as it has, well, more life, and you can tell. I also paint in oils, where I have found the line flowing from childhood doodles, where I started, to scenes of my local area.’