Viola Wang

Updated: 27 Feb 2024

"Introducing Viola Wang, a whimsical children's book author and illustrator based in the vibrant city of London. She embarked on a thrilling artistic journey, delving into the realm of kitchen lithography during her residency.

In her first month, she immersed herself in intensive research, exploring the intricate techniques and boundless possibilities of this unique art form. From experimenting with everyday materials to discovering the magic of printmaking.

As the residency progressed, Viola was inspirired by her Dundalk surroundings. From the lively traditional music scene to the tantalizing fusion of Chinese and Irish cuisine especially the "Spice Bag"..

Drawing from her experiences, Viola wove together a series of  artworks that reflected the essence of her time in Dundalk, every impression on the lithographic plate, Viola brought to life a tapestry of stories that celebrated t the power of creative exploration. 



Instagram: @violawangstudio

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