A collaborative Brigid's Day

A collaborative Brigid's Day
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 18 Jan 2023

On Monday, January 30th at 12 pm, Creative Spark Print Studio and Art as Exchange are hosting an outdoor event for Brigid's Day. The team of artists have been working on the project since mid-November and will be showcasing their work on this special day. The event will feature a performance and display of the Brigid's Cloak, a temporary outdoor exhibition, and a zine about Brigid.

The guidebook, titled "A Guidebook to your Brigid Feast Day," is a collaborative magazine filled with content about Brigid, including drawings, illustrations, recipes, how-to tutorials, stories, and folklore. The Fabric Cloak, co-produced by the team, takes inspiration from Brigid and all aspects of her life. The various sections of the cloak have been worked on by AAEX artists and young people from Gaelscoil Dun Dealgan led by Susan Farrelly and will continue to grow as they add creative contributions from other artists and the surrounding community.

The outdoor exhibition will display artworks inspired by traditional craft and symbols such as the Brigid cross and brideog dolls, using natural materials from the land. The team will also be featuring a large loom onsite, where members of the public can add foliage, twigs, and other materials throughout the day, allowing them to actively participate in the creation of the final piece and become a part of the project. This interactive element will be a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the art and the themes of the Brigid project in a tactile and hands-on way.

This project has been funded by Create Louth and Creative Spark.