Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion (BESTIE)

Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion (BESTIE)
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 09 Nov 2023

Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion (BESTIE) Project
Draws to a close

On Monday the 23rd of October, Ciara Breen, our Creative Spark Downtown Hub Manager gathered with our BESTIE project partners from various European countries, in Madrid to mark the culmination of our two-year initiative. The Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion (BESTIE) Project was designed to introduce an innovative model that promotes the exchange of digital and social skills among senior citizens, migrants, and young people.
Throughout this journey, we collaborated closely with age-friendly and migrant community groups to gain valuable insights into their perspectives on social and digital inclusion. These insights have significantly influenced the creation of a range of resources to support both new and existing groups in their quest to become more socially and digitally inclusive. These resources include enlightening case studies, a practical Digital Competencies Toolkit for Everyday Living, and an engaging online learning platform, which can be accessed here:Bestie Project

Our project had the benefit of partnering with organisations from France, Spain, Greece, and Ireland, ensuring that the outcomes of our efforts will extend their impact far beyond our local boundaries. To enhance accessibility, all project resources have been thoughtfully translated into three languages.
While a comprehensive report on the project's overall impact will be shared at a later stage, we are pleased to highlight some early achievements. Notably, the establishment of five clubs, along with recent events organised by all project partners, have seen remarkable attendance levels of 60 individuals, spanning a wide range of demographic backgrounds.

The BESTIE Project has made significant strides in the pursuit of its mission to champion social and digital inclusion, and the development of clubs with such enthusiastic participation is a testament to the project's positive influence. We are proud of the collaborative efforts and cross-border partnerships that have made this project a success.