Stephen Hurley By Stephen Hurley

| 29 February 2024

Caoimhe O’Dwyer Artist in Residence of 2024

Caoimhe O’Dwyer is a visual artist and facilitator based in Co. Louth, specialising in working with adults and children in art, educational, and community settings. Boasting 11 years of experience, she has been a dedicated instructor in art, design, drawing, and sewing with Creative Spark, Dundalk, and LMETB. In addition to her teaching roles, Caoimhe actively collaborates with fellow artists, making creative connections across communities in Louth and Monaghan.


Caoimhe's participation in exhibitions in Louth and Monaghan with AAEX and Louth Craftmark since 2020 paved the way for her solo exhibition, 'Renewal,' held at Íontas in early 2023. The creation of this collection, comprising watercolour and oil paintings, symbolised a personal renewal for her as she delved into themes centered around nature and the natural world. Art and painting are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of her everyday life and work, with the textures and layering of various media bringing vibrancy to her imagery. Within this creative process, sparks of inspiration and imagination take root in the routine. Some of these ideas are nurtured with care, while others may be overlooked, yet the most resilient always flourish and evolve into captivating works of art.


Caoimhe plans to use her time as artist in residence to document and develop new paintings and fine art prints based around observations made along the River Glyde from her home in Castlebellingham to the coast at Annagassan and on to Salterstown where she swims all year round. She hopes to learn new printing skills having access to both the print department and the FabLab during her residency.

“I am really enjoying having a beautiful light filled studio to contemplate my work, I can already feel the benefit of the time and space of the artist in residence studio on site, to explore the new direction I hope my work practice will take me.”

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