How We Are Keeping You Safe in our Facility

How We Are Keeping You Safe in our Facility
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 02 Aug 2022

At Creative Spark, your safety is important to us! Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the team have undertaken a number of different measures in our facility to ensure that, when you are at Creative Spark you are as safe as possible!

While measures such as proper hand hygiene and the use of face coverings are necessary in most establishments we have gone a step further! The need for air purification, adequate ventilation, enhanced air filtration and touch point reduction measures have become essential in shared spaces to ensure the safe use and continued access to facilities. 

Creative Spark with support from Enterprise Ireland under the RETS 2021 programme have purchased CO2 monitors and air purifiers complete with certified HEPA and molecular filters for each our shared spaces in the Centre for Creativity and Innovation. 

Wireless technology is also now available in our meeting rooms to reduce touch points and minimise the use for shared devices during meetings and networking events. 

We have a robust cleaning/disinfecting regime of all common areas. Each room, including tables, chairs, equipment and common touch points (e.g. door handles, remote controls, etc.) are regularly cleaned/disinfected in advance of any booking. Social distancing (currently 2 metres) will be adhered to. 

Signage, sanitising stations have been set up around the building, in particular at front door, within and on exiting the toilets and the meeting/training rooms.

Participants and convenors/trainers will be required to have completed a self-declaration that they are Covid19 free and have not been in contact with a suspected/confirmed case. This can be submitted to the host of the meeting in advance. 

The above systems and safety precautions will enable users to be confident in the safe use of Creative Spark offices, meeting and training rooms and participate in workshop and training courses.

While speculation of another lockdown looms over our heads Creative Spark will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our course participants, tenants and members are safe.


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