INVOLVE Visual Literacy

INVOLVE Visual Literacy
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 07 Jul 2023

Creative Spark, in collaboration with project partners from France, Greece, Denmark, and Ireland, held a successful multiplier event as part of the INVOLVE Erasmus+ project on Friday, June 30th. INVOLVE Erasmus+ has received funding and support from the European Commission and aims to enhance visual literacy in entrepreneurship education.


The INVOLVE Visual Literacy project focuses on introducing innovative visual literacy training into adult entrepreneurship education curriculum and courses. Its goal is to strengthen the visual literacy skills of entrepreneurs, empowering them to effectively communicate and showcase their projects through image and visual tools.


During the recent multiplier event hosted by Creative Spark, a presentation was conducted to raise awareness among attendees about the project's benefits. Following the presentation, a workshop was held to demonstrate the practical use of one of the developed tools.


This project will provide practical training opportunities for entrepreneurs, support adult educators in modernising their teaching approaches, and equip adult education organisations with innovative strategies. By addressing these needs, the project strives to enhance problem-solving skills, foster innovation, and elevate the quality and attractiveness of adult education.