Louth Meath Hubs

Louth Meath Hubs
Hub Manager Posted by Hub Manager on the 25 Aug 2022

Louth Meath Hubs is a collaboration between enterprise and incubation centres across both counties, with a host of facilities and amenities for remote and smart workers, business start-ups and scaling businesses. Each hub has unique solutions to support business, recreation and training needs.

It has been estimated that those commuting into the bigger cities around Ireland spend on average between 10 and 15 hours per week on the road, by working in your local community that is valuable time that could be spent on other things, be it supporting family members, coaching your children’s local sports team or volunteering on community projects. The move away from the five-day commute will have great benefits to local communities and your local hub can direct you to community groups that you can become active with.

Many people across country like the freedom and flexibility of remote working, while others missed the social interaction. Now that we can socialise face to face again, this is a major benefit of local hubs such as the ones across Louth and Meath. Remote workers have the opportunity to have a chat or have a coffee with other members of the hubs, satisfying that need for social interaction while still working remotely.

Twenty or 28 days holiday allowance no longer dictates a person’s holiday plans or love of travel. In this more flexible way of working, many people across Ireland are deciding to return to their home counties for longer than their usual one-week summer stay, as they can base themselves in local hubs and spend more quality time with friends and family.

Hubs such as the ones across Louth and Meath can also aide tourism in their local communities as international travels look to workcation in Ireland.

Christophe Dubrulle has been living in Europe for the past number of years after moving from the US. This summer he decided to take the opportunity to see Ireland while still working in local hubs during the day and exploring in the evenings and weekends.

“I personally like to stay a little outside the big cities when travelling as there is less hustle and bustle and you get the local vibes,” he says. “Creative Spark has been great base while in the area.”

One of the biggest advantages for entrepreneurs taking up tenancy with these hubs is their strong network of supports provided by staff and local networks. Over the past decade these hubs have built strong partnerships with local enterprise offices, chambers and institutes as well as working with enterprise centres across the country to offer major collaboration events that offer insight and direction to business start-ups.

There is a sizeable community of entrepreneurs working in the fintech sector in Louth and Meath, so being part of the local hubs in these areas can help open doors to mentors’ future partners and funding streams, proving that start-ups don’t need to be based in the capital to advance their business ideas.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur setting out on your start-up adventure or a corporate employee looking for a remote working desk, you will find a suitable option in one of the conveniently placed hubs across Louth and Meath.

To find out more about the hubs across Louth and Meath, visit www.louthmeathhubs.ie