Stephen Hurley By Stephen Hurley

| 2 August 2022

Meet Our New Team Members

This month, the Creative Spark team got a little bit bigger! We are pleased to welcome both Jacqui Uí Mhonacháin and Ciara Breen!

Recently, Creative Spark has broken ground on its current building for the development of the FabLab and Community Café. Alongside this Creative Spark will also have increased workspaces for both new and established businesses to set up a base. The FabLab, also known as a Fabrication Laboratory will provide access to a suite of state-of-the-art digital fabrication hardware and software. It will stimulate enterprise and advance creativity, innovation and education in the North-East region through the establishment of a digital fabrication enterprise and co-working initiative.

Due to Covid-19, social interaction with one another is limited. Creative Spark thrives as a collaborative work environment where people can exchange ideas with one another, so why not do it over a cup of coffee? The Creative Spark Community Café aims to encourage social interactions between Creative Spark members, visitors and local community, all that’s left now is to wait until the storm passes so we can all see each other again!  

Jacqui, our new Creative Spark Community and Business Development Manager will oversee the construction progress and will bring new businesses and training courses to our facility. Jacqui is a graduate of the PMI, Project Management Institute with a background in community and business development projects. Jacqui also has a background in the creative sector with a Bachelor of Arts from GMIT.


The Creative Spark Downtown Facility is our other project that we are very excited about. Recently, it was the location for the launch of this years SEEK Urban Arts Festival! The Downtown Project is located in the centre of Dundalk, bringing even more business and enterprise to the town! The main aim of the Downtown Project is to develop an urban enterprise ecosystem to support a network of entrepreneurs and businesses with a focus on start-ups, scaling companies and smart- and remote-workers. The project will provide hot-desk and co-working facilities in Dundalk town centre, managed and supported by Creative Spark and its experienced team.

This project is spearheaded by Ciara Breen, our Creative Spark Downtown Hub Manager! Ciara has a background in marketing and account management and most recently worked in the financial service sector in the UK. A DKIT masters graduate of Marketing and Entrepreneurship she is passionate about supporting the early growth and development of business start – ups and entrepreneurs.

Both of our facilities are still in the early stages but the Creative Spark team are very excited for what the future holds! Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media and our monthly newsletter for regular updates on both of our projects!


As always, should you have any questions please contact us by email at or by telephone (042) 938 5720



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