Networking with Creative Spark

Networking with Creative Spark
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 02 Aug 2022

Creative Spark prides itself in being a collaborative work environment. We believe that working together and networking effectively is key to success in both your personal and professional life, which is why you can find us involved in a number of networking organisations!

Creative Spark enjoys a relationship with both Grow Remote and Connected Hubs. In this blog we aim to unpack what each of these organisations aims to achieve and how you can find us!


ConnectedHubs is operated by The National Hub Network, a Government of Ireland initiative that provides a vehicle for individual hubs to come together under a shared identity to maximise the economic opportunity of remote working. The National Hub Network has the support of Government, remote working advocacy groups and industry representatives. In this way, also encompasses a range of key features that deliver significant benefits to member hubs, hub clients, employers, local communities and the wider economy. is managed by the Western Development Commission in conjunction with the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD). Members of the National Hub Network also contribute to the ongoing development and moderation of content for the site. Each Hub manages its own listings and space availability settings.

You can find Creative Spark on the ConnectedHubs website listing all of the services that we have to offer!

To find out more about Connected Hubs, click here! 


Grow Remote

Remote working has become a part of many of our lives since the outbreak of Covid-19, but for many it has been a reality for years! This is thanks to Grow Remote.

Grow Remote is a non-profit social enterprise promoting the benefits of remote work.

There are 75 chapters across the country and even more around the world.

Each one aims to make a sustainable social impact by supporting people to live, work and participate locally.


In January 2021, the government published the National Remote Work Strategy, mandating that 20 per cent of public sector employees will work remotely in future.


In September 2021, Grow Remote convened the Remote Alliance, a partnership of four companies united by a commitment to developing best practices for remote work in Ireland.

Vodafone, ESB, Ebay and Liberty Insurance will work together on remote working policies and hybrid working strategies across their companies.


As well as the national campaigns, Grow Remote thrives on its grassroots activities.


Grow Remote Dundalk is a new chapter which has recently been set up and will launch in the coming weeks.

Follow the “Grow Remote Dundalk” Facebook page for regular updates on events and training which will be available to members of the Network.


Local Grow Remote chapters are independent from the network of digital hubs across Ireland. However, our chapter lead teams often work in partnership with digital hub managers such as our New Downtown Co-working hub opening soon to help build community towards the following goals:


  1. Repopulating the local area
  2. Boosting local employment
  3. Connecting local people
  4. Make a social, economic and environmental impact locally


All members welcome

Grow Remote Dundalk is currently welcoming new members who are interested in building professional or social connections locally and who wish to actively make a sustainable impact on your area.

The local chapter is closely linked with the international remote working movement to provide high-quality resources to support people on their remote journey - whether as a jobseeker, business start-up, remote employee, or a manager of remote teams.


Networking in Creative Spark

At present, Creative Spark is home to over 40 SMEs plus casual hot desk users and 30 individual visual artists members. Alongside this we have 41 co-workers, own-door studio occupants and postal address users. Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Creative Spark held a number of events on site giving tenants and members a chance to come together and exchange thoughts and ideas which can benefit them in the future!

If you would like to become a part of the Creative Spark community, why not visit our website and see the variety of services we have to offer and join us today!