Our Course List is Live

Our Course List is Live
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 02 Aug 2022

Our Course Programme is now Live!

With October right around the corner, we wanted to start the month off right, and you should too!

Creative Spark is delighted to announce that we are now taking bookings for a variety of courses. Are you unsure about which course to get involved in? Sit back, and relax, we’re going to walk you through some of our favorites! We have courses to cater to all age groups so hopefully we have something for you!


For the Little Ones…

Girls Can Code! – Beginners and Improvers 9th October

Girls can code is back! Creative Spark is pleased to be offering this FREE coding workshop for girls ages 8-13. This event will introduce girls to coding and computer science using Scratch, a fun visual programming language for children.

Our event will use specially recorded video lessons to show the girls how to create a game in Scratch, with a Show-And-Tell session afterwards, facilitated by experienced coding tutors for any questions, and to show off their games.

The girls can follow the step-by-step lesson, pause where recommended to complete a step and then move on at their own pace.

There will be separate lessons for Beginners and Improvers. Beginners will learn how Scratch works, and create their first game in Scratch. Improvers who are familiar with Scratch will create a more complex game with a score and sounds.

For the Beginners level; click here 

For Improvers level; click here 

10 Week Childrens Painting Workshop - 5th October

This course is run by the very talented facilitator, Orla Barry! Running over the course of 10 weeks from 15:30 – 16:30, this course is the perfect creative outlet after a busy day at school.

Learn how to paint with acrylics. Experiment with colour mixing, painting techniques, textures and mixed media. Have fun making masterpieces inspired by different artists and style.

This 10 Week Programme costs €100

To book your place for the Painting Workshop, click here

For the Grown-Ups…

Want something hands-on?

Computerised Woodworking for Beginners in CNC - 2nd October 

This course is for beginners who want to get into modern woodworking. Across three 4-hour sessions, you will get all the instruction and hands-on experience needed to go from zero to designing and carving your own creation on Prof. Potter's home-made Mostly-Printed CNC carver. Creative possibilities include signs, decorations, and useful 3D assemblies. Requirements: Open to 13 and older. Windows laptop/charger (or a Mac with a Windows virtual machine), and proof of vaccinations.

To book your place in this course, click here 

10 Week Sewing Machine Projects - 8th October

This great course will bring your sewing to the next level or refresh your skills. Learn new skills and techniques in a fun, creative atmosphere and meet like-minded people who are keen to do the same. You will get to design, make and take home some fun and quirky projects, or you can bring a special project to work on. 

Please bring your own sewing machine (two class machines available for those without). 

To book your place on this course, click here 

Electronics and Soldering for Beginners - 6th November

Prof. Potter's interactive teaching style will put you at ease regardless of your level of understanding of electronics. You will learn all the basics needed to solder your own kit for identifying and measuring electronics components. You will use that device to help build a project of your own design. We will also cover the basics of Arduino microprocessor wiring and coding.

To book your place on this course, click here 

Want to explore your artistic side?

10 Week Adult Painting Workshop - 5th October

Facilitated by Susan Farrelly, participants will leave this programme with enhanced skills in painting. This course is suitable for both beginners and improvers. You will learn to mix colour, use a palette knife, glaze, varnish and create your own compositions in a relaxed creative environment; suitable for acrylics and oils.

This course costs €150

To book your place, click here 

Cyanotype – 9th October

This Cyanotype workshop will introduce you to how to make these famous blue photographs. We will start with an overview of the process and its history and then learn to coat paper. Mix the chemicals, expose the prints. The process involves making contact prints with light-sensitive paper, either using photographic negatives or other materials. The process is easy to learn, ideal for experimentation, and can be done at home using daylight. 

What to bring

Take along some photographs on a usb stick or email them in advance to printstudio@creativespark.ie

  • You can also take along some objects to experiment with (eg. Flowers, leaves, lace, materials, etc.),
  • Please bring along your own apron or wear some clothes you don’t mind getting inky!
  • Please bring along your own facemask

While we do provide paper for printing, students are also encouraged to bring along their own papers or material they would like to experiment with

To book your place, click here 

Introduction to Printmaking – 21 October

This 8-week course will give you a taster of several different printmaking techniques. You will learn how to develop your artwork into a series of different editions. Perfect for beginners or people who want to explore more techniques.

Techniques covered include Monoprint, Drypoint, Collagraph, Woodcut and Cyanotype

This course costs €140 for 8 weeks.

To book your place today, click here



We can’t wait to see you all in our facility in the next few weeks!