Our Downtown Project News and Updates

Our Downtown Project News and Updates
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 02 Aug 2022

The Creative Spark Downtown Project is designed with the aim to further promote collaboration between local entrepreneurs. Our open plan office design encourages patrons to network and to exchange advice and ideas with one another. One of the main benefits of being a member of Creative Spark is the variety of opportunities to meet people from different or similar sectors through our events and networking meet ups. In the event you need to take a private call however we have got you covered! Mirroring what we have to offer in our current facility, the Downtown Project will also have a number of Privacy Booths installed.

The Creative Spark Downtown Project, which has been flawlessly designed by our tenants Architectural Spaces, will also feature a comfortable atrium area, ideal for anyone looking for a break to conduct informal meetings. Remote working has become a permanent fixture in our lives since the outbreak of Covid-19, and the demand for working remote hubs has increased. Our variety of workspaces and desk plans are ideal for anyone looking for a space in Dundalk’s town center on an ad-hoc, temporary or full-time basis.   

Grow Remote

Creative Spark enjoys a relationship with Grow Remote, a not for profit on a mission to enable people to work, live and participate locally. They achieve this by making remote work (via employment) both visible and accessible. The Downtown Project at Creative Spark will provide Advice Clinics and Support for start-ups who come to us via Grow Remote. If you would like more information on Grow Remote, click here 

Podcasting Studio

One of the main features of the Downtown Project is our state-of-the-art Podcasting studio. Podcasting has become an increasingly popular hobby for many, as well as an effective tool for building a relationship with your customer base. At Creative Spark we recognise it’s growing popularity, which is why we have installed the studio in our newest facility! We also are conducting training in Podcasting at present, if you would like to find out more about these workshops, click here 

Co-Working and Hot-Desks

The Creative Spark Downtown Project will provide 42 workspaces, which you will be able to book on a temporary or full-time basis! These desk plans are affordable and perfect for anyone in the local area who wishes to return to an office environment without facing a long commute! If you would like to enquire about a desk plan or the other workspaces that we provide, email downtown@creativespark.ie