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| 17 April 2024

Taiscéalaí - 3D Printing and Sustainability for Primary Schools

Taiscéalaí - 3D Printing and Sustainability for Primary Schools 

Taiscéalaí – coming from the Irish word for ‘explorer’ – is an initiative which aims to expand the reach and improve the quality of 3D printing education across Ireland at the primary school level. Taiscéalaí aims to inspire children to learn about STEM and manufacturing in the classroom by using 3D printing elements tied to the primary school curriculum.

In 2023, the project developed two resources to assist primary teachers to introduce 3D printing into their classrooms; a Teacher's Guide and a Student Workbook. These resources were designed in collaboration with primary school teachers to ensure that the lessons can be easily incorporated within the primary school curriculum and include the appropriate support for teachers. Stay tuned for updated versions coming in Autumn 2024!

Applications for Taiscéalaí 2024 are currently open - APPLY HERE

Are you curious about 3D printing? Would you like to explore a fun and challenging way to bring STEM and manufacturing into your classroom?

We are currently accepting applications from primary schools across Ireland to participate in the Taiscéalaí program in 2024.

Please complete this form on behalf of your school to apply for this year's program. The benefits of the program include:
  • Send two teachers to a comprehensive in-person training course in 3D printing, where they will learn the basics of 3D design and printing, and how to apply 3D printing learning in the classroom (this is a 2-day course to be held in Mullingar on the 1st and 2nd of July 2024)
  • Receive a 3D printer for your school! (along with setup and technical support) (worth over €2,000)
  • Invitation for your school to participate in a 'Sustainability Challenge' competition, where your students can put their new 3D printing skills to the test! 
  • Invitation for your school to attend an end-of-year Celebration Event in December.

No previous experience is necessary - all participating schools will receive ongoing support from the project team. The program is best suited to teachers of 2nd class up to 6th class. (See learning objectives below.) 

Dates & location

The 3D printing training is a 2-day course that will be held in-person in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July 2024. 

How to apply

Please complete this short online application form on behalf of your school.


For any questions, please contact Michael at

A trainer and three learners at a training workshop on 3D printing


Learning objectives

After the 3D printing training course, teachers will have:

  • Learned about the different components that make up a 3D printer
  • Learned how to calibrate, troubleshoot, maintain and be safe with a 3D printer
  • Hands-on experience using design software and printing in 3D
  • Explored 3D design lesson plans designed for primary education settings 
  • Been invited to explore curriculum links for 3D printing 


3D printing (known in the industry as additive manufacturing) is a key enabling technology of 'Industry 4.0' – a term used to signify the new era of industrial production, encompassing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and the Internet of Things. The Taiscéalaí program recognises that teachers are key influencers of the next generation, and aims to provide them with access to information and technology around the newest areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and manufacturing.

The program is funded through the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Discover Programme Call, an annual programme that supports and encourages the public to engage with STEM.

The Taiscéalaí program is organised and delivered through a partnership between I-Form (the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing), Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), Creative Spark and Inspire3D.

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Taiscéalaí – coming from the Irish word for ‘explorer’ – is an initiative which aims to expand the reach and improve the quality of 3D printing education across Ireland at the primary school level.