The Importance of Upskilling

The Importance of Upskilling
Stephen Hurley Posted by Stephen Hurley on the 02 Aug 2022

The working world has undergone a number of changes in the last two years, with thanks to Covid-19. Adaptability and the ability to be the leading force in change is something that employers everywhere are looking for. This is where upskilling comes in. Upskilling builds an agile and motivated team who have greater job satisfaction in their day to day role. There are a number of benefits to upskilling, in this blog, we will cover the benefits and give you a list of organizations where you can learn new skills and retrain to start climbing that career ladder!

What are the benefits?

Enhances Creativity and Productivity

Having a productive day, every day is tough, but with upskilling, you tend to be more motivated during the day! The more productive you are, the bigger and better the results! Depending on the course you do, you can approach challenges in new and innovative ways and you can come up with fresh new ideas to further enhance your performance.

Your Confidence goes through the Roof!

Upskilling focuses on creating more well-rounded employees. While that might mean you can improve your skills on Excel, you can also take courses on improving your confidence in the workplace - which can also extend to your personal life! Confident employees are more likely to voice their opinions and ideas as well as identifying solutions to problems before they even arise.

Personal confidence can also filter into your confidence when working as part of a team. Ensuring that your voice is heard, and you get credit for the work you’ve done, gives you the boost to carry you through to the next project!

You’ll learn to love change

The workplace can be thrown a number of curveballs, how they adapt and overcome these challenges reflects their success in the future. Staff turnover and of course, a worldwide pandemic can throw your business awry, so being adaptable to change is a key skill many employers look for!

Grow, Grow, Grow!

Upskilling is a great way to stuff your CV full of attractive attributes! Whether you’re looking to leave your current role, or to move up to a higher level in your current employment, upskilling is a great way to turn yourself into a well-rounded, valuable employee! Employers prefer hiring from within, so if you have the right skillset and you have the confidence to take on with a new challenge, they’d sooner choose a current employee who is dedicated to their role that can hit the ground running!

Where can I Upskill?

There are a variety of organisations that offer courses for both the employed and unemployed, often if you approach your employer with a course in mind, and explain why you feel you BOTH would benefit from it, they’ll pay or subsidise part of the fee, if there even is one!

 Free Training if you’re unemployed

Skills Connect

Offering placement opportunities as well as free upskilling courses, you can improve your chances of getting a job in your chosen industry. Skills Connect is delivered by Skillnet Business Networks

Getting in contact with your local Intreo Office is also a great place to start! They can offer you free career advice!

There are a number of Springboard courses that could be applicable to you also which are free for those in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance!

Other Training

Local Enterprise Office

The Local Enterprise Office have a variety of courses available every month covering a variety of skillsets such as social media, online marketing, and using Microsoft Excel! To check out the courses they have to offer, click here 

PLC and other Higher Education

Returning to education can be daunting, but the benefits are endless! There are a number of higher level institutions that offer part time and evening courses designed to cater to those already in full time employment.


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