Stephen Hurley By Stephen Hurley

| 2 August 2022

SEVEN Taking a Look Back at our most Recent Exhibition

As we enter a new month, Creative Spark is taking a look back at the latest exhibition. Celebrating seven years since the opening of the Creative Spark Print Studio, we celebrate the outstanding level of creativity in our members. Covid-19 has presented the arts sector with many challenges, the ability to hold an exhibition being one of them. Here at Creative Spark however, we found a fun way to bring the community in on the fun while adhering to government restrictions.

It was very important to the team at Creative Spark to have the community involved in this exhibition. We contacted various shops around the Dundalk area to be part of our ‘shop front exhibition’. This allowed our fantastic artists to display their work in pharmacies, cafes and shops, giving people the chance to explore what we have to offer as they went about their daily routine. Notably, one of the main shop fronts used in this exhibition was the latest addition to Creative Spark – the Creative Spark Downtown Project!

This exhibition showcases some of the work done by not only current and former members of our Print Studio, but also artists from our past and present Artist In Residence programme. Our print studio aims to be a space in which local artists can come refine their skills and practices while also developing new skills and passions. Our most recent example of this is with Jenny Slater, who has just completed her Artist in Residence Programme with us. During her time here, she fell in love with cyanotype printing and created some stunning pieces!

Covid-19 leaves many things in the future hanging in the balance, including running exhibitions. Creative Spark would like to extend their thanks to all of the artists for the wonderful pieces not only in this exhibition, but also for their work through the years. We would also like to extend our thanks to the local businesses that got involved with the exhibition, allowing us to use space in their shop fronts. Without their generosity, the SEVEN exhibition may not have had the same impact as it did.

If you are only finding out about the exhibition now, unfortunately it has now finished, but all the pieces are available for purchase and can be made through our website by clicking here

Further information on our Print Studio can be found here



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